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In January, 2015, Dimgaard released the first independent adventure for D&D © 5th edition: DG1 Secrets in the Dark (see below). Hundreds of adventures and supplements later, Dimgaard is helping to continue the adventure with monthly releases via kickstarter and patreon. After the releases, all that content will make its way here (including the hundreds of titles previously published), so check back often to see what's been added.

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Dimgaard Principles

Dimgaard predates 5th edition. It was originally developed in the mid-90s. Over time, philosophy about adventure development has congealed into these six principles. (Each of these points is expanded on below.)

Dimgaard Titles

We have decided to host our own content moving forward. There are a variety of reasons, but the salient point is, we will be migrating all the Dimgaard titles here over the coming weeks. (And updating them!!!)

Here are the lead ins for the current two campaigns. We hope you enjoy them.

Concerns of Undeath (NEW!)

CU1 Undead Concerns FREE!

Patron Wars

PW1 Dark Patrons FREE!

GenCon Adventure

This adventure for 4th level PCs premiered at GenCon 50 and was only available as a stretch goal for Vol. XXIV.

DGP1 A Construct's Need FREE!

Here is that first adventure that started it all:

Secrets in the Dark

DG1 Secrets in the Dark FREE!

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A Strong Story


Certainly "A strong story" is ripe for interpretation, so the Dimgaard principles have refined this further.

  • The story is significant - no simple "get some honey for the cook" plots. Every story needs to be important - either independently or as a chapter in a larger narrative.
  • The nature of the conflict should be feel real. Simple good vs. evil is fine in a 50s movie plot, but never is that what really drives the narrative. Competion amoung rivals: power mongers, religious zeal, scarce resources, superstition - these are the drivers of real drama.
  • A world populated with complex creatures. How does the villain become the villain? Never does a driver of a history believe himself evil. Indeed, Dimgaard usually has villains with good alignment - the lawful good who are duty bound to save the world from themselves; the chaotic good who has no alternative to assassination to free the populace of a rigid overlord. Additionally, the heroes often find aid from sources considered evil, but whos goals align - at least for a while - with the heroes.

Adherence to RAW


Many - even experienced producers - feel no compunction at shedding the RAW. For example, 5th edition guidelines are quite clear about the requirements of the Adventuring Day, however not a single module from the (very popular) Adventurer's League's first two seasons properly implemented the Adventuring Day. Even recently the highly touted Lost Tales of Myth Drannor glaringly polymorphs medusas into iron golems

Why are the RAW important? If one is presenting a home game to familiar players, frankly they are not. However, for an adventure that will be played by diverse groups, the RAW become quite important. When a module (like Lost Tales of Myth Drannor) presents such a glaring rules violation, it leaves the DM in a terrible position - present a flawed module, or rewrite the module to adhere to the rules. There is no good choice.

Dimgaard titles avoid this by carefully ensuring that RAW are implemented.

Largest Set of Player Options


There are a large number of options available to players (inlcuding DMs). In addition to the officially released WotC books, there are third party sources including many online options. Dimgaard is flexible enough to allow the DM to bring in as much additional content as desired.

Challenge the PCs


An epic story implies the real possibility the heroes will fail. If there is no challenge there is no drama.

This can be difficult for DMs in 5th edition, and is a huge advantage for Dimgaard DMs. However, at the end of a DM adventure, players will be thoroughly challenged, and failure is a definitely a real possibility.

Low DM Prep Time


This needs little explanation. Running a Dimgaard session requires only about fifteen minutes of preparation by the DM. This is a stark contrast to most prepared modules - for example, a typical Adventurers' League module will typically require as much time to prepare as it does to present.

Easy Presentation


Of all the Dimgaard principles, this is the most fluid. For example, many DMs prefer extensive read-aloud-text (RAT). For these it is a huge benefit to have the producer thoroughly set up the action with a great deal of detail. Others have the opinion that RAT is an obstacle to role-playing; these prefer only as much RAT as necessary to establish the elements of the scene, and then want to get character or jump to initiative. Striking a balance is a tricky endeavor.